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Partnership Information

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A partnership with the EACF is $150.00 per year. It is a yearly pledge to the EACF in support of all the foundation’s programs and services. In exchange, the foundation posts your logo on this website. In addition, you are given a sign for your business, so you can proudly show the community your support for the EACF.  Any business or individual may become a partner. A partnership donation may be monetary or in-kind.

Sponsorship Information

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Englewood Area Cancer Foundation sponsorships occur when a business or an organization agrees to pay money for exposure at our fundraisers and dinners. Exposure may be in the form of signage or perhaps a logo on our T-shirt. Basically, sponsorship is a marketing opportunity that gives community businesses and organizations a presence at the number one fund raiser in Charlotte and Sarasota County. Our fundraisers benefits from sponsorship dollars because they help cover our operating costs and increase exposure to our community through our sponsors. There are 5 levels of sponsorships.



Checks are to be mailed to: Englewood Area Cancer Foundation Inc.

PO Box 318

Englewood, FL 34295

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