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10 Effective Ways to Support Someone Who Has Cancer


If one of your loved ones has been diagnosed with cancer then you may not know how to talk to them, how to form a support system, or what things they can do to support them. It is hard for family and friends to know what will be the most effective form of support. Phone calls, cards, and hospital visits often support someone with cancer, but if you are looking for other ways to support a cancer patient here are 10 suggestions from our cancer warriors.


Supportive Friend


1. Do Household Chores

“The best type of support was my friends who came for a few hours to clean our house, do our laundry, and do things that my husband didn’t have time to do when he got home from work. It was very important to keep the rest of the family going on with their lives as best as possible and my friends enabled that to happen.”


2. Provide Meals or Grocery Gift Cards

“After my wife’s return hone from surgery, her coworkers provided our family healthy meals for over a month. They delivered them, prepared them, and they were ready to heat or eat everyday.”


3. Offer Rides to Treatment

“One of the many that I experienced was the group of my co-workers who put themselves on a list to drive me to work, from work, and to and from radiation treatments. It was very surprising and opened me up to more meaningful relationships with them all.”


4. Pull Funds for Support

“I had to travel from San Antonio to Houston for treatment. So people from my Dad’s work put together a fund to help pay for my gas etc. I thought that was so sweet!”


5. Start a Website to Raise Donations

“One of my best friends in Florida created a website where we could receive donations. The money raised was only a few thousand but that helped out so much.”


6. Give Blood

“The most touching thing was the amount of people ready and willing to give blood at a moment’s notice. Several people drove hours countless times to give and others were in line with their sleeves rolled up every time there was a blood drive.”


7. Do Something Special

“30 of my coworkers came to my house and did a backyard makeover, re-surfacing our deck, building three raised planter areas, and installing a fire pit. In return, I could only thank them and offer prayers on their behalf!”


“My best friend came to my home and re-did my entire king size bed with new linens, comforter, shams, pillows, etc. I was in bed so much that this very special gift was so uplifting to me. I was overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness.”


8. Treat Them Like Normal

“I have two wonderful friends who have continued to treat me just like they always did before my diagnosis. No discomfort in my presence, no groping for the right words, just old friends having a chat. They tease me, they aggravate me, they keep me laughing, and I’m always happy after seeing or talking to either of them. I’m not sure that they understand how much it means to me to be treated normally, but it means a lot.”


9. Listen

“The most supportive thing anyone did for me is simple – they just listened.”


10. Join the EACF

“The Englewood Area Cancer Foundation (EACF) is dedicated to helping those fighting cancer and their caregivers with support from the community, by incorporating and coordinating all the above. We are here for you.”


You can offer cancer patients emotional support by sending cards or sitting with them while they are in the hospital; you can offer support in their home by doing chores, preparing meals, taking care of their pets, or helping with their children; you can raise money by pulling funds with your friends, coworkers, or church; or you can get creative and go out of your way to do something specifically special for them. Cancer Warriors, in what other ways have you felt love from your support system during cancer? Any more creative ideas?

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